Conversation with Kurt Dupont Conversation with Kurt Dupont

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Kurt DupontKurt Dupont, based out of Belgium heads PresentationPoint, a company that creates several amazing PowerPoint add-ins. After his Computer Science studies, Kurt started with Andersen Consulting (Accenture nowadays) in Brussels. After 3 years he moved to the Brussels Airport Terminal Company that runs the Brussels airport – this last placement inspired the start-up of Take-off (now known as PresentationPoint) in 1998.

In this conversation, Kurt discusses, a new site that showcases PresentationPoint products.

Geetesh: You have created this new site, PresentationLand to showcase some of your PowerPoint add-in technologies ā€“ can you tell us more about this site?

Kurt: Sure Geetesh. Iā€™m glad to announce Not just a new PowerPoint templates web site but a dynamic web site where we offer PowerPoint presentations with news and weather content. The setup is simple, you choose your country and then you get a list of newspapers or a weather presentation. For news you just click e.g. New York Times and you get a presentation with multiple slides; one slide per news article that is currently published at the New York Times. For weather information you get a presentation with first a weather map with current and future conditions and then you get a number of slides; one slide per city listed in our weather generation process.

We are now adding more countries to the list. Currently we are generating these dynamic presentations for 6 countries and more than 40 newspapers already. More will be added.

The presentations can be downloaded and used in a shop for customer infotainment, or at welcome screen at the reception desk of a company.

Geetesh: What are the add-ins you use to create the sample presentations that can be downloaded from the site ā€“ and how can users create similar presentations of their own?

Kurt: For this purpose we used our DataPoint and NewsPoint application. DataPoint to link a PowerPoint presentation to a RSS feed and NewsPoint to collect local weather information. DataPoint is used for real-time displaying of information from an Excel file or database.

But we see more and more that DataPoint is used to generate nice multimedia presentations for reporting or statistical purposes. Excel reporting is dead. Better reporting is now done in PowerPoint. Managers like a PowerPoint presentation much more where they have animations and just have to click to advance. People can use our software to generate a daily presentation on their sales activities, charts on important customer accounts, production figures of a factory etc.

So this PresentationLand is just a showcase of our software, to illustrate that we can schedule the creation of up-to-date presentations. On our web site we use public information (the news and weather) but companies can use this mechanism for their own (internal and external) data. The setup is very simple. You create your presentation, link it to your data source, set up a first slide and link it to your data. Then with our data scrolling feature, you generate as many slides as you have data in your data source. You want to know how your products are selling? Just let our software generate a presentation on all the data you have. Then you move this output to a file server or web site, or whatever distribution you want to use. You will save time, always have the latest information at your fingertips.

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