Eyeful Insights Journal: Conversation with Simon Morton

Eyeful Insights Journal: Conversation with Simon Morton

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Simon Morton
Simon Morton founded Europe’s leading presentation design company Eyeful Presentations in 2004.  His goal was big but simple – support businesses to create more powerful, engaging and effective presentations that make the most of opportunities and deliver results. 12 years, thousands of presentations and millions of engaged audience members later, Eyeful’s mission continues.

Simon’s book, The Presentation Lab continues to make waves and has been released around the world in 6 languages. He is globally recognized as a thought leader in the field of presentations and now dedicates much of his time to speaking, writing or coaching businesses on how to make the most of every presentation opportunity.

In this conversation, Simon talks about the Eyeful Insights Journal.

Eyeful Insights Journal – Part 1

Geetesh: What does the Eyeful Insights Journal contain?

Simon: So, the Insights book… It’s a bit of a first for us. We’ve shared loads of information previously with people, and I think we’ve gained a bit of a reputation for doing that; through our blog, through white papers, through even our Presentation Lab book. This is a very, very different document. It’s a hard copy, quite sort of hefty piece of work, and it’s designed as much as a coffee table book as anything else.

The insights in here are focused at addressing some of the loftier topics that are impacting leadership presentations more than anything. It talks about a whole host of different things; from inspiration that we can get from how politicians engage audiences, and how leaders might be able to engage their audiences using some of the tips and tricks through there, all the way through to recognizing that a lot of leadership presentations now, and communication generally, is talking to a multi-generational audience. Our audiences have actually changed quite dramatically in a very short period of time. And that, in particular, is a theme that runs all the way through the Insights book, from the technology you might employ, through to how you might structure a story and certainly focus on things like a strong call to action.

Geetesh: Who is the Eyeful Insights Journal intended for?

Simon: It’s intended for a very specific audience, we’re aiming it at senior leadership teams. It’s a relatively short run and we have a list of names that we’re sending or handing these books over to, either within our current client base or people that we’ve identified as either really driving things forward in the way that they communicate with their audiences or, frankly, are in need of some support. So, what we did is we went out to the business and got experts in those different areas to write articles that would offer real insights and ideas and innovation to prompt leaders to deliver their communication in a different way.

Geetesh: What is the purpose of the Eyeful Insights Journal?

Simon: The purpose of this is to prompt change at a very senior level within organizations. We recognize that one book is not going to do it, so this is the first of an annual Insights book that we will be sending out to handpicked senior leaders. Those handpicked senior leaders may be within our own current client base or people that we believe would benefit from working with Eyeful. The senior leaders will prompt or will be the source of what we call the Presentation Culture within an organization. So, if your senior leader is a poor user of presentations; if they have no structure, if their messages are unclear and fuzzy, if they use technology ineffectively or clumsily, that has an impact on how the entire organization engages with that type of technology.

What we want to do is to prompt from the top of the business a different way of looking at communication. And that, fundamentally, is what this book is there to act as a catalyst for that change.

Eyeful Insights Journal – Part 2

Geetesh: What is in the first edition of the Eyeful Insights Journal?

Simon: I have to say, it’s chock-a-block with some really interesting articles, some of which we were quite tempted to hold off until next year. But we didn’t, because we recognise that actually our sector and presentations generally are moving at such a rate that the content that’s in here is relevant this year and who knows what the bigger impact will be next year.

So this edition talks about things like multigenerational audiences and how, as leaders, people need to recognise that they are dealing with quite a broad church of audience members and they need to be able to engage with them in different ways, but consistently across the entire area.

We look at the way that politicians have been able to engage audiences in ways that we’ve never dreamt of, just five years ago. And that’s had some major impact in the world that we live in today.

We look at ideas and concepts like TED, the things you can take from TED and should be taking from TED, but also the things that may not apply specifically to your form of communication.

We look at design, we look at technology, there’s a whole host of different approaches that we want to just, as much as anything, spark a conversation and the discussion at that very, very senior level. Harvard Business Review recently highlighted that business communication is an imperative, a leadership imperative. So, you need to be able to communicate very, very clearly with your audience and we hope this book is going to be the catalyst for people rethinking that engagement.

Thank You Geetesh

Eyeful Insights

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