Automaze in emaze: Conversation with Motti Nisani

Automaze in emaze: Conversation with Motti Nisani

Created: Thursday, December 10, 2015 posted by at 4:00 am

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Motti Nisani

Motti NisaniMotti Nisani is the CEO of emaze, a company that produces a tool of the same name. With emaze, you can create presentations in virtual 3D worlds or simply in slides like. Motti has a B.Sc. degree in Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

In this interview, Motti discusses the new Automaze feature in emaze.

Geetesh: Your product emaze claims to create beautiful presentations — but can a machine really create a beautiful presentation? How?

Motti: emaze is founded on the principle of bringing great presentation design and innovative tools to all types of presenters. Presenters, however, are as diverse as you can possibly imagine, anywhere from CEOs of major corporations to second-grade students. We asked ourselves how can we bring engaging and appropriate designs so as to enable all of our users to make their most beautiful presentations yet?

We knew we needed to start with our users and that we needed a powerful tool to understand their needs, and the messages they are communicating. We turned to machines for help.

Automaze analyzes the millions of presentations made by our millions of users and employs machine learning algorithms and big data to understand our users’ content. It then works to redesign it using the layouts and designs created by our expert, in-house human presentation designers.

Geetesh: What improvements have you made within emaze in the recent past that will encourage presenters and designers to consider emaze for their business presentations?

Motti: Our business users, whether they be high powered executives or small, just-around-the-corner Mom and Pop shops are all looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to enhance their content and engage their audiences. All of our recent tools were designed to answer one simple question: How can we empower our business users to easily and effectively create presentations?

We’ve recently developed some tools we’re pretty excited about, some more about enhancing content and others from more of a product perspective, enabling businesses to work more effectively and efficiently in making presentations.

In terms of enhancing content and creating engagement, users can now embed live data such as SoundCloud, Google Maps, GIFs, Flash images, and even live Twitter feeds and websites into their emaze presentations. We’ve added some fantastic customization features that enable businesses to create their own templates, with custom backgrounds, colors and fonts and transitions, and get help in developing their brands. Furthermore, users can now create One Page presentations, which can function as either newsletters, landing pages, or you name it! The possibilities for marketing with these are pretty much endless.

We’ve also worked on the product end to ensure we offer all necessary business tools imaginable without compromising on our ease of use and great UI. We’ve created an advanced emaze performance platform designed to offer seamless business collaboration, that works for businesses that have anywhere from 2 to 2,000 employees. We’ve also streamlined our editor to make it extremely easy to add in all kinds of content, whether they be images, text, audio and all types of video. Furthermore, we offer advanced audience insight analytics enabling presenters to know who’s viewing their presentations and how.

We also thought about where our business users want to showcase their emazes. We’ve made it easier than ever to share emazes on social media, and created plugins to easily embed emazes on blogs and websites.

Our latest game changer? That’s our new Automaze feature. It saves businesses endless time and money by using the power of machines to redesign all PowerPoint presentations into highly impressive and engaging storytelling in a matter of minutes.

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